The Ventura County Ballet Company is the premier dance ensemble in our area
Ventura County Ballet productions feature professional dancers
The Ventura County Ballet Company presents two annual productions
Support the Ventura County Ballet Company by becoming a sponsor
As a non-profit organization, the Ventura County Ballet Company is completely dependent on the local community for its financial survival through donations, sponsorship and revenues generated through artistic productions. 

We cordially invite private and public corporate organizations and private donors to support and invest in Ventura County Ballet Company and our local youth. 
To become a sponsor call (805) 653-2800

List of Sponsors
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Sponsorship Story
Mary Kay Roth, mother to Alexandra of the Ventura Ballet Academy, is the recipient of the Individual Contributor Award of the AVNET CARES Volunteer Recognition program. Presented here to VCB’s director Kathleen Noblin, is a check earned by Mary Kay for $1,000 in addition to the $800 contributed by AVNET CARE Dollars for Doers program. 

AVNET CARES has a history of good corporate citizenship, including a well-established, award-winning community relations program focusing on education, children’s issues and technology. 
We would like to honor Sandra Laby as an ardent supporter of the arts and especially our very own, Ventura County Ballet.

She was a member of the Ventura County Ballet Board of Directors, guiding us to a place of prominence in the Ventura Art Scene.  

She was our First Lady and one that will always be remembered.
Ventura's First Lady